Worship is Canceled?

Hello friends, Last Friday, my state's governor issued an Executive Order for all residents of Illinois to "shelter-in-place" due to the outbreak of Covid-19. This forced many businesses to temporarily close, thereby altering the lives of most people. Restaurants are all delivery or carry-out service only. Banks and pharmacies are primarily drive-through only now. Groups … Continue reading Worship is Canceled?

My Brief Reaction to the Coronavirus “Pandemic”

Hello friends, There has been a lot of information, hype, and misinformation about the Coronavirus, Covid-19, lately. Let me begin by saying I don't want to downplay the threat this virus poses to the health and safety of our communities, nor do I intend on coming across as insensitive to those who have been affected … Continue reading My Brief Reaction to the Coronavirus “Pandemic”

A Call For Justice

Hello friends. Lately I have been participating in a study called "Outrageous Justice" through Prison Fellowship. They are the nation's largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families. They are also a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. I have been involved in this ministry for almost a year as a Justice Ambassador, … Continue reading A Call For Justice