Why Write?

As I continue to struggle to find the time and motivation to write, I have been asking myself a very important question lately. Why write?

Most “experts” say that true writers should write everyday. This is a seemingly impossible task for someone that works a full-time job, plus overtime, is active in church and family activities, etc. As a result, all too often my writing gets pushed to the back burner.

I continue to read about the craft, such as books about writing memoir, industry publications about writing, etc. However, I often have mixed feelings about these. While they are very motivating and educational, they are also sometimes intimidating since I don’t “make” myself write regularly.

This leads me to the question of this blog post. Why write?

I guess first I need to analyze what writing is. At it’s core, I believe writing encompasses a variety of purposes. Writing can be used as a creative outlet, an informational and/or persuasive tool, and a form of self expression. It can sometimes be a form of self therapy. It can be a hobby, an interest, or a career. There are various types of writing, ranging from poetry to fictional novels and nonfiction memoirs among many others.

This leads me to question, what do I like to write. In the recent creative writing classes I have taken, I have enjoyed broadening my horizons by exploring various forms of writing. I learned that I enjoy writing short fiction, but I am passionate about non-fiction, in particular personal narratives and memoirs.

I have been saying for years that I feel a calling on my life to tell my story. I have always thought this would be in the form of a book, and I still believe that to be true. In fact, this was the main motivation for getting my Master’s Degree. However, recently I have come to realize that I can write other types of work along the way.

Of course I enjoy writing the things I am passionate about. I am an anti-religious Christian, so I enjoy writing about the truth of my faith. I am a combat veteran with PTSD and hundreds if not thousands of hours of counseling under my belt, so I write about those experiences and lessons learned with the hope I can help others with the same experiences and issues. I have also had my share of family, custody, legal, and financial problems. So, I also feel compelled to write about some of those issues, with the hope that I can make a difference in the system and the lives of others.

Now that I have analyzed what writing is, and why I want to write, I guess the only thing left for me to do is write. It is time I stop making excuses and find the time to write. I am not going to vow that I will write everyday, but I will try to make writing more of a priority in my life.

I know I have been rambling for a bit, and perhaps my “writing style” in this post wasn’t proper in form and syntax. But, this has been a successful exercise in “freestyle” writing as I wrote what came to mind as I considered the topic at hand.

Who knows, maybe some of you who are reading this struggle with finding the time to write, or read, or whatever else interests you or you feel called to do with your life. If so, I ask you to join me on the journey of being more purposeful and dedicated to honing my skills and devoting myself to the craft of writing.

Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Why Write?

  1. Very good article and very encouraging to others. I’ve had a year of various personal struggles that kept me putting my own writing — and even teaching on writing — on the back burner. I’ve made the decision to get it back into its proper place of priority, but even that has been a struggle. You have the right attitude, and, hopefully, you and I — and many others in the same predicament — will get a second wind this new year and make some serious progress. 🙂


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