My Bookshelf

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Hello friends.

Earlier today I read an interesting suggestion in a popular writing periodical to create a personal “bookshelf” of books I am currently reading or have recently finished reading. The suggestion was to post this on a blog or personal website… here we are.

I thought this was a wonderful idea because it allows me to share my bookshelf  with you, my readers. Now you can get a glimpse into some of my world, where my thoughts and ideas come from, and where my writing gets inspiration and takes shape.

As I list the books, and provide my feedback to the books, I encourage each of you to respond. If you have read the books I have mentioned, please add your comments as well. Or, you can provide your own “bookshelf” for the rest of us to gain insight and inspiration from.

Either way, I strongly encourage your feedback and involvement. I believe the written word is a great source of information, inspiration, and ideas. That includes the books we read, and the insights we provide each other. Thank you in advance.

Until we meet again.

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